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Find Building Plots of Land for Self Build Houses

Building plots of land can be very difficult to find and the prime position land can be very expensive. A building plot for sale can take up to 35 percent of the total budget of the selfbuild and buying a building plot for sale is the first step in realising a self build home and can also be the hardest and most important. The normal to find building plots is with one of the following

Land Database

Plotsearch has the best database of building plots with over 7500 building plots of land in the UK. PlotSearch is the UKs premier land and property finding resource for self builders, renovators and small-scale property developers. With thousands opportunities to choose from it wont take you long to find your perfect plot of land or project. To find out more about Plotsearch


Estate Agents

Estate agents have local land available so check out the estate agents in the area where you want to build. Although largely advertising  properties, many estate agents occasionally have building land as well. If they don't have anything suitable, it can be worth making the enquiry and leaving your details. Estate agents have contacts with the building trades, property developers, investment clients and so on any of which could lead to news of a potential land sale.


Land Agents

Land agents operate in the same manner as estate agents, but deal solely with building plots of land, with or without planning permission. The agents who purely trade in land are far and few between, but they are specialists in land and could offer more potential in finding land than the average estate agency.

Some other suggestions for finding a selfbuild plot of land are:

  • contact building companies and ask whether they have any plots of land they would be willing to sell
  • contact the local council in case they have any plots for sale
  • get together with a group of other self builders and buy a bigger development plot
  • contact specialist land finding agencies and plot developers
  • contact other potential land sellers - sometimes utility organisations such as water, gas and electricity companies sell surplus land
  • look for houses with large gardens - there is potential of building in a large back or side garden

Plotsearch: a comprehensive database offering more than 6000 genuine self build or renovation opportunities



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